Stra-te' gic: Necessary TO or important IN the initiation, conduct or completion of a plan
Inter'-ven-tion: the act or procedure of interfering with a condition to modify it or with a process to change its course

Do I need the help of an intervention professional?

Dealing with a loved one who is suffering with the disease of addiction can be a frustrating and painful experience, especially as the disease progresses and time goes by. Families and friends feel helpless and often find themselves hostages in their own environment dealing with unpredictable, hostile behavior. They want to help and try everything that they can think of, but nothing seems to work. Often, they want to access treatment, but do not know how to assess the level of care needed, or how to choose a program.

"As a professional interventionist, I am absolutely committed to facilitating an honest, caring, straightforward approach that will minimize the dependent's denial, and maximize their ability to see the truth. Upon completion of this process, it is paramount that the dependent goes to treatment to get the help that they need."
-Rick Barringer

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